Mission for budding artists


F / D / EN / L

Max. participants


Children put themselves in the place of a painter who is starting out on his first artistic commission. The guide, who plays the role of the master, explains to children the theory of the chromatic circle and the mixing of colours. After visiting the exhibition, the children are given a commission which they will have to carry out in order to be able to earn a living as artists.

In a light-hearted atmosphere, the workshop combines the learning of theories of colours with the understanding of the painter’s vocation, while stimulating the creativity of the children.

Public: This workshop-visit can be attended by a class (2e clycle de l'enseignement fondamental), or held in conjunction with the birthday of children aged 6 to 10 years.


2 hours


Museum lecturer – guide


Free for the classes of the city of Luxembourg


Reservation required