Covered, veiled, bound, embraced: The forms and figures in Charles Kohl's work often appear as though they were trapped creatures trying to break free from the shell, the tissue wrapped around them.

The motive of being at someone's mercy materializes in his warriors as well as in his characteristic eyeless and mouthless heads. Nonetheless his characters are always in need of protection: they are neither aggressiv nor belligerent. Their shields and armours only fullfil a defensive purpose and to defelct incoming damage. What is the starting point of his examination of human fear and despair? Where does Kohl's fascination for materialities and his eagerness for experimenting with a variety of textures come from?

On the basis of selected artworks , in this conference we try to approach the artist Charles Kohl as well as analyzing his position on coping with the horrors of the 20th century.


Max. participants: According to the Covid-19 rules in place




Maité Schenten


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