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24 September




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Each Sunday you may participate at the regular guided tour of the permanent exhibition «A stroll through art. European painting and sculpture, 17th - 19th century».

Villa Vauban’s permanent exhibition takes visitors on a tour through three centuries of artistic creation: from the 17th-century Netherlands to Italian dreamscapes and French painting around 1850. In addition to styles, artistic epochs and numerous masterpieces, there are small formats and miniatures to discover, as well as the spectacular acquisitions of Jean-Pierre Pescatore, benefactor of the City of Luxembourg, on the occasion of the auction of King William II of the Netherlands’ collection in 1850.

The great diversity of subjects and artistic styles is conveyed at the beginning of the tour in the form of an immersive video projection that transports visitors into the atmosphere of the paintings they will discover on their stroll through art.

Other dates

14 July 16h00 (DE)
21 July 16h00 (DE)
28 July 16h00 (DE)
11 August 16h00 (DE)
18 August 16h00 (DE)
25 August 16h00 (DE)




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