"The Green Ear" is the title of a work by artist Elina Brotherus. Guess what's in the picture?! Of course, a green ear. During a guided tour, the children immerse themselves in the world of Elina Brotherus' photographs. A journey of discovery begins, during which children are asked how the funny and bizarre titles of the works refer to what is depicted in the photos. In the following workshop, children discover their creative side and first invent fun titles for their works in an unorthodox way. The next step is to translate the title into a creative work.

Educational objectives: Getting to know the Fluxus Event Scores as a method by which artists can design their works. In a second phase, creative writing will also be encouraged
Public: From the 3rd cycle of primary school onwards




Free for primary and extracurricular schools in the City of Luxembourg, 100€ / guide for external schools