Event date

14 July



During this guided tour, we discover works of art specially created for the public space. You will not see any monuments erected to commemorate a person or event. Most of the existing monuments were erected in Luxembourg between the mid-19th century and the early 2000s. It was only in the 1990s that art was actively created for the public space, that is, works of art that were placed in the urban space solely because of their aesthetics and did not cultivate a culture of remembrance.

Dates and languages: Sundays 14.07 at 14:00 (LU/DE), 21.07 at 10:30 (EN) 08.09 at 10:30 (LU/DE) 15.09 at 14:00 (EN) 22.09 at 14:00 (FR) 20.10 at 14:00 (FR)

Start: on Place Guillaume II, near the Town Hall
Arrival: Villa Vauban

Other dates

21 July 10h30
8 September 10h30
15 September 14h00
22 September 14h00
20 October 14h00






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