Mission statement

The Villa Vauban is an art museum that comprises collections of old and contemporary art as well as sculptures.

Its mission is to:

  • Preserve, restore, inventory and study European works of art dating from the 17th to the 19th century which are part of the collection (paintings, sculptures, graphic works, photographs and decorative art objects), and publish the results of research studies.
  • Organise exhibitions of its own collections, collections of works from different sources that fall under the plastic arts in general as well as characteristic examples of the production of artists from Luxembourg or who spent a large part of their career in Luxembourg; make art accessible to the public by mixing genres, subjects and periods and by comparing the works.
  • Develop the interest and knowledge of a diversified public through exhibitions of old, modern and contemporary art, from Luxembourg and elsewhere, through scholarly works and catalogues, and through educational and cultural activities organised in conjunction with exhibitions.
  • Enrich the collection by purchases, donations or loans; support living artists in Luxembourg through acquisitions of and commissions for contemporary art works.
  • Promote and enliven the cultural life of the City of Luxembourg in the field of plastic arts.