Colour Kaleidoscope - Of pigments, pallets and painters

A walk through art is also a walk through the world of colour. Colours can have a powerful effect: they arouse emotions, create moods and convey messages. Like a kaleidoscope, the new ‘Zoom In’ programme generates new points of view on the works in the permanent exhibition.

During guided tours and workshops for young and old alike, you'll discover where pigments are extracted from, the extent to which colour can influence the composition of a work as well as the viewer's perception, and we'll ask the question whether colour can be eaten, heard or touched?

This varied programme, more colourful than ever, will reveal new aspects of the works in the permanent exhibition at the Villa Vauban. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of colour!

Guided tours and events


The art of pigment

Smalt, bone black or lapis lazuli - these are just some of the pigments that have been used for centuries in the production of paint. During this tour, participants can immerse themselves in the world of pigments. Starting with 17th-century Dutch painting, they will learn a little more about the origin and use of pigments. Some examples, such as minerals, will be shown, inviting them to guess which shade of colour comes from which object. But beware, appearances can sometimes be deceptive!

The tour continues with a look at French art from around 1850. By observing carefully, participants can discover unexpected and fascinating things.

Public: Adults
Dates: Friday 24.05 at 19:00 (FR), Saturday 15.06 at 16:00 (EN), Sunday 04.08 at 16:00 (LU)
Price: Free
Maximum number of participants: 20


Reimagining landscape through colour

with the artist Pit Riewer

Inspired by a painting from the museum’s permanent exhibition, the participants will be able to learn about the basic construction of a landscape painting. After a short introduction in oil painting and color theory by the Luxembourgish artist Pit Riewer, participants can pick up the paintbrushes and reproduce their own version of a landscape. They’ll work with a limited color palette that allows to reimagine their painting through color.

Public: Adults
Date: Sunday 16.06
Time: 14:00-19:00
Language: EN
Price: 15€
Maximum number of participants: 8


A jumble of colours

The Villa Vauban invites children on a voyage of discovery into the world of colour.

During a visit to the permanent exhibition, colour is of course the focus of attention: what do we need to paint? What are the primary colours and how do you create an image using them?
Inspired by magnificent works of art, children are invited to become little artists themselves. Using brushes, paint, scissors and glue, they create a unique composition. Get to work with brushes!

Public:From 6 years on
Dates: Saturdays 01.06 (LU/DE), 06.07 (FR), 10.08 (EN)
Time: 14:00
Duration: 2:00
Price: Kostenlos
Maximum number of participants: 10

For all these events, please register:
Inscription: T +352 4796 4900