The artist Sonia Dumitrescu is offering workshops that focus on the creation process, one's own imagination and self-identification. Together with the artist, we present 6 workshops related to Sonia Dumitrescu's artistic approach and the Villa's beautiful and calm garden. The Villa Vauban is a microcosm in the middle of the city of Luxembourg, whose special atmosphere influences the visitors all the time. The concept “Atmospheres” invites you to mix the reality with the imaginary.


The circular movement exists in the creative power of the universe. The circle, as a form, has been a source of inspiration since the beginning of mankind and has a multitude of symbolisms. The centaur in the garden of Villa Vauban has a compass: We can borrow it and thus find out what it could be useful for!

PUBLIC: from 8 years onward
DATES: Wednesday the 02.08
TIME: 14:00 - 16:30
LANGUAGE: multilingual




Sonia Dumitrescu




T +352 4796 4900