Workshop for children : Mini-Mosaic
17H00 – 23H00 (Multilingual)

From 6 years old, for accompanied children from 4 years old. Without registration.
The Villa Vauban is passionate about the mosaic of the artist François Gillen. That is why it invites young visitors to create mini-mosaics themselves.

A musical stroll with Annemie Osborne
19H10–19H30 | 20H10–20H30 | 21H10–21H30 | 22H10–22H30

Cellist Annemie Osborne received her musical training at the Conservatoire de Musique de la Ville de Luxembourg, the University of Leeds and the Koninklijke Conservatorium in Brussels. While her musical roots lie in the Western classical music tradition, Annemie has always sought openness to other musical worlds, in particular jazz, traditional music and improvisation. For the Museum Night 2021, Annemie will present a programme consisting of excerpts from the solo repertoire for classical cello, traditional songs and melodies and improvisation.

Coup de cœur, with Annaroslily

Anna is a colourful content creator. She was born in Luxembourg and teaches primary classes. Anna got her taste for fantasy and extravagance from her mother. What she likes most of all is to combine different materials, but also to use and abuse colorbocking! Every morning Anna chooses her outfit according to her mood and admits that sometimes she is not dressed at all according to the weather. People sometimes ask her why she chooses to dress so eccentrically and her answer is simple: 'First of all, I love the fashion world and then the world would be so boring if everyone dressed the same.'

Guided tours in the framework of the exhibition "Pour Élise". The Hack collection and visual arts in Paris during the Belle Époque
20H00 (FR) | 21H00 (LU/DE) | 23H00 (EN)

“Pour Élise” is the unusual story of a young Luxembourg emigrant and modest servant who, towards the end of the 19th century, gains access to the Parisian art world. Sharing the life of the famous art historian and critic Henry Havard (1838-1921), Élise Hack, born in 1860 in Echternach, collected some thirty paintings, watercolours, drawings and engravings which she bequeathed to the City of Luxembourg in 1922. The exhibition places both Élise’s life and her collection in their historical and artistic contexts. By presenting additional paintings that had belonged to Henry Havard, it highlights the artistic effervescence in Paris at the time.

Guided tours in the framework of the exhibition 'A stroll through art. European painting and sculpture, 17th – 19th century'
22H00 (LU/DE) | 24H00 (EN)

With more than 100 paintings and 14 sculptures, Villa Vauban’s permanent exhibition takes visitors on a journey through three centuries of artistic creation: from the 17th-century Netherlands to Italian dreamscapes and French painting around 1850. In addition to styles, art periods and numerous masterpieces, there are small formats and miniatures to discover, as well as the spectacular acquisitions of Jean-Pierre Pescatore, benefactor of the City of Luxembourg, on the occasion of the auction of King William II of the Netherlands’ collection in 1850. The great diversity of subjects and artistic styles is conveyed at the beginning of the tour in the form of an immersive video projection that transports visitors into the atmosphere of the paintings they will discover on their stroll through art.

Thematic guided tours | Discovery: Project of restoring the works of François Gillen (1914-1997)
20H30 & 22H30 (FR), 40 min.

During this special guided tour, the visitors will be able to discover the latest permanent installation at Villa Vauban: the mosaic by François Gillen.
The restorers Gisèle Reuter and Chiara Manservigi will explain the challenges of restoring this artwork.

Thematic guided tours | Meet the masters
17H30 & 19H30 (FR), 60 min.

Discover the Grand Masters of our collection: Canaletto, Jan Brueghel, Eugène Delacroix and David Teniers.

Discovery of the casemates in the park of the Villa Vauban
18H00–19H30 (FR) | 20H00–21H30 (LU/DE) | 22h00–23h30 (EN)

Remember to bring a small flashlight! The visit begins in the park of Villa Vauban.

10h00 - 01h00

- Use daily for glowy mood and smooth dance moves

Culinary Night: The winemakers Benoît&Claude offer visitors 'wines in symbiosis with nature. A perfect compromise between the richness of the terroir and the local grape varieties.'