A stroll through art. European painting and sculpture, 17th–19th century


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  • ISBN : 978-2-919878-22-2
  • Pages : 175 pages, illustrations en couleur, textes en anglais
  • Copyright : Villa Vauban, 2021
The permanent exhibition at the Art Museum of the City of Luxembourg invites you to explore European art from the 17th to the 19th century. It displays paintings and sculptures from the museum’s own collections. These can be traced back to three eminent 19th-century Luxembourg figures who bequeathed their private collections to their hometown: Jean-Pierre Pescatore (1793–1855), Leo Lippmann (1808–1883) and Eugénie Dutreux-Pescatore (1810–1902). These donations formed the basis of a collection that provides an overview of the behaviour of the bourgeoisie as collectors in the 19th century. To this day, these collections continue to be enriched by purchases and donations.

The exhibition provides a representative selection from the Old Masters Collection spanning, with its presentation of various artistic positions, 300 years of the history of European art. The wide range of subjects and artistic styles is revealed at the beginning of the tour in the form of an immersive video projection which suffuses the visitors with the atmosphere of the paintings they will discover on their walk through art.