Villa Vauban delights not just because of the art treasures that it houses but also because of its relaxed atmosphere, which turns every visit into a special occasion. Over an exhibition floor space of 1000 m2, visitors can admire significant works from the museum’s own collection as well as unparalleled loan items from international collections. Regular temporary exhibitions organised by Villa Vauban showcase the quality, diversity and interaction of the classical art genres – painting, graphic arts,  sculpture – and thematically focus on key aspects of the city collections. Varied exhibition formats allow visitors to discover the works of art from different angles. The museum circuit leads through generous and light rooms and is well suited for all age groups. Guided tours Villa Vauban can organise various guided tours on demand that suits your interests best (themes, language, duration). Tourist coaches There is a  bus stop for tourist buses just opposite Villa Vauban and a car park close to the museum.