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Given the great success of the Apéros-Concerts on Sunday morning, we invite you to an upcoming musical encounter.

Judith and Vania Lecuit received their first musical impressions at the Conservatoire de Luxembourg. Together, the sisters soon won the Gold Medal in chamber music at the Conservatoire des Régions in Metz. After the baccalauréat, Vania continued her musical studies at the Conservatoire Superieure de Bruxelles, while most of the musical training of Judith took place in Germany at the Musikhochschule Köln and Stuttgart. Vania received a scholarship to study at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, Judith was active for two years at the Deutsche Staatsoper Berlin.

On their return home, the sisters formed a duo and founded the Lecuit Quartet in 2004. Since 1995, Vania is professor of violin at the Conservatory of the City of Luxembourg; As for Judith, she is now cellist soloist of the Chamber Orchestra of Luxembourg and teaches at the School of Music of Differdange. They toured in Luxembourg, Germany, France and Belgium as well as many other places in Western Europe. On several occasions, renowned composers have dedicated works to them.


Pachelbel: Canon/U2: With or without you/Bach: Air (arrangement pour violon et violoncelle)

Bach: Prelude en sol majeur pour violoncelle seul

Martinu: Duo Nr.2 pour violon et violoncelle

Gardel: Volver/ Gardel: Mi Buenos Aires Querdo/Piazzolla: Tango pour violon seul/Gardel: Por una cabeza

Halvorsen: Passacaglia pour violon et violoncelle




free for children, museum entrance fee for adults


Reservation mandatory