Always on the move! Villa Vauban is launching the second instalment of Collections in Motion, an exhibition concept initiated in summer 2012. In order to keep its collections alive, the museum presents individual works or groups of works in changing thematic contexts. These inventive confrontations allow paintings, prints and sculptures to enter into a dialogue across the centuries and styles.

Whether similar subjects painted in different centuries or paintings using the same techniques to produce different pictorial effects, these correlations always produce interesting and novel interactions, while often revealing unexpected connections between works. Through a selection of works from four centuries, Collections in Motion encourages visitors to broaden their perception and understanding of classical and contemporary art.

The collections of the Villa Vauban focus on art from the 17th to the early 20th century, more particularly Dutch and French painting. This exhibition presents a new choice of works from the collection in a sequence of thematic chapters. Subjects from the realm of religious art are complemented by moving depictions of biblical stories, while scenes from rural life face delicate interiors and contemplative landscapes. Particular attention will be paid to David Teniers the Younger (ca. 1610–1690), a Flemish painter renowned for his rustic tavern scenes.

Throughout the summer months the exhibition will expand to encompass the entire area of the villa’s modern extension. This will allow it to showcase numerous works by Luxemburgish artists which have rarely, if ever, been exhibited, among whom Jean-Baptiste Fresez, Michel Weyler, Jean-Pierre Calteux, Lily Unden, Claus Cito, Carine Kraus, Roland Schauls, Jean-Marie Biwer, Armand Quetsch und Chantal Maquet. The works in this part of the exhibition include still lives, flowers and plants, landscapes, urban vistas and portraits as well as sculptures from the 17th to the late 20th century.


15 June > 5 January 2014