Dominique Auerbacher and Holger Trülzsch have been reflecting on the theme of landscape for many years, as evidenced by their respective works. In their installation Die Landschaften des Kairos (The Landscapes of Kairos), they combine their views and perceptions of landscape and allow them to enter into a dialogue.

H. Trülzsch’s photographs capture landscape-like impressions in the traces and casual drops of paint on the stained floor of his (or other) studios. In addition, the traces of paint on his painted, large-format Polaroids are reminiscent of plant-like structures of a proliferating nature, opening up new spaces similar to a dreamscape.

The images of the intertwined sentences from D. Auerbacher’s Reliefs series mix excerpts from texts of various origins (literature, mythology, ethnology, natural science, art...) together, in accordance with the literary form of the cento, in order to form from them, as a relief (in the sense of remains or traces), a set of mental images of the landscape.


30 April > 12 September 2021